Sustainability Reporting

It’s the standard approach used by companies to communicate their challenges, objectives, actions and results in what regards the sustainability agenda.

More than 35 Sustainability Reports produced over the last 7 years...

Companies that play an active role in the promotion of Sustainable Development gain access to a range of benefits that go far beyond good publicity and improved reputation. This approach brings such companies better strategic positioning and creates long term competitive advantages.

During the “making of” a Sustainability Report, a company:

  • Gains better understanding of the international sustainability agenda;
  • Obtains a comprehensive view of its peers’ approaches and implemented actions;
  • Identifies its strategic stakeholders and their concerns;
  • Maps its opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses;
  • Defines its sustainability vision;
  • Sets its priority areas of intervention;
  • Defines an adequate governance model;
  • Identifies goals and objectives;
  • Develops its set of KPIs;z
  • Strengthens its corporate culture and employee motivation.

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