. Action Plans
Definition and implementation of actions plans to achieve strategic goals;

. Processes
Design and incorporation of social and environmental aspects in the company management system;

. Stock Market Indices
FTSE4GOOD analysis / application;

. Sustainability Performance Indexes
sustainability indexes that allow companies to measure and benchmark their business units;

. Green Building

Evaluation of projects using environmental building systems, such as BREEAM and LEED;

. Stakeholder Engagement
Facilitators of meetings; coordination of stakeholder panels, community committees, clients surveys, suppliers focus groups;

. Sustainable Key Performance Indicators
Key and sector specific indicators to measure the performance of the sustainable strategy defined;

. Advisory for Certification
Support in the implementation of SA 8000, ISO 26000 and AA 1000 APS requirements.


Sustentare facilitated a 2 days training on behalf of GRI.
Angola and USA

Training on CSR issues and Sustainable Construction.

. Elaboration of the manuals and contents of the RSO Matrix course;
. Training sessions on sustainability reporting and stakeholder dialogue in partnership with AIP;
. Training sessions on Sustainable Tourism; Sustainable Construction; Sustainability Reporting; Stakeholder Engagement and AA1000;
. We have a 2011 Training Plan Available upon request.

Sustainable Construction:
Teresa Bártolo is BREEAM Assessor
Rita Almeida Dias is LiderA Assessor

Stakeholder Dialogue:
Sofia Santos and Rita Dias hold the AA1000 course